When we search for new staff at CISME Italy s.r.l. first of all, we look for people who know how to work independently and at the same time can work as a team in a constructive, ambitious and considerate way.

We strongly emphasise the importance of well-being and social involvement. We believe that you work best when you function well as a person in the work place, as well as at home.

It is all about co-operation and requires great efforts from both you and us to obtain short and long term results. Professionally, we see it as our responsibility to offer challenges, development and further training/education on high level.

In the job you will be part of team involved in the Company's many international challenging projects. Socially, it is about creating a friendly environment in which one would like to be. That is exactly what we do, and successfully.

Job Offers

Analytical Chemist

We are seeking a professional like you to provide all analytical support for customer service, developmental projects and supervising all r… Show more