Our Profile

Our mission

We are committed to diffuse knowledge and support our partners projects with creativity and integrity.

Our values

Being our customers' trusted partner is our reward for innovation and our stimulus for personal fulfilment.

The Company

Headquartered in the financial city centre of Milan, CISME, founded in 1987 has grown to become a reliable partner in the research & development, production, and supply of chemicals for the paint & glue, detergency, cosmetic, textile, and drilling industries. CISME implements and maintains since 2002 a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

In 2019, CISME Italy achieved a significant recognition by the society CRIBIS D&B, a leading company in the fields of Business and Credit Information Systems, which awarded CISME Italy the synthetic indicator RATING CRIBIS D&B 1 to certify the highest level of reliability of the Company in both Commercial and Financial terms.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

IQNet Certificate

Cribis Certificate

Our Company

Product lines are developed to provide practical and innovative solutions to changing market demands. Our strategy begins by focusing on our clients specific needs.

Research and Production

Product lines are developed to provide practical and innovative solutions to changing market demands. Our strategy begins by focusing on our clients specific needs and forge the best performing raw materials with the most adequate, and cost effective production process, to satisfy each specific application at best.

CISME products are the result of careful and meticulous tests, and provide original alternatives for many production processes.

CISME is constantly working in partnership with a network of raw material suppliers selected on the basis of their ability to provide technical excellence, consistent quality, and readiness to innovate to satisfy our evolving market demands.

CISME creation of a new product is always a constant search for excellence.

Quality Control

Our quality assurance is backed by qualified experts who double check on the various production stages of each product we supply.

Each production lot is meticulously controlled and immediately rejected if not strictly in conformity with our rigid specification standards.

We have developed a sophisticated computer system that enables us monitor the consistency of each production unit and detect immediately any deviation.

Our progressive management includes continual upgrading of all our systems punctuated with safety inspections, monitored quality checks, and consistent traffic follow-ups.

Customer Service

Over 20 years experience in the chemical industry has given us flexibility and the capacity to work closely with our customers and see things from their perspective. Special attention is given to package deals for overseas companies which require a large number of different products in the same shipment.

By combining our technical expertise and commercial experience we thrive to become our customers main contractor to support his total project efficiently. We also perfectly understand that it is easier for our clients to be successful with the back-up of a reliable supplier, that is able to support their products with high quality standards, good sales service, technical cooperation, and marketing assistance.

We offer this powerful package of flexibility and service.

Sales Network

We fulfil a value-adding function in the chemical industry, connecting production technologies to application demands in a winning partnership.

Our sales teams act as a link between CISME and our ever-changing customer demands, building strong trustful relationships to be able to react to changes quickly and efficiently. Customer orientation and close interaction are two of our most important success factors.

CISME operates a dense network of more than 200 distribution centres in over 60 countries. This unique product and service portfolio combined with in-depths market expertise, readiness to offer tailor-made solutions and successful business track record, makes CISME the preferred partner of choice.

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Responsible Care

Responsible Care comprises a programme which aims for the constant improvement of the performance of the companies involved wt0068 respect to health, safety and environment as well as communication on these issues.

This approach is important because our society increasingly expects the chemical industry, which uses dangerous materials, to minimalize the risks which result from this. An accident can cause enormous damage to people and/or their environment. Every day there are examples in the news which point out the social relevance of thinking in terms of health, safety and environment.

Responsible Care is an all-embracing philosophy which has to be spread through communication with the co-workers and everyone surrounding the company (customers, suppliers, governments, neighbours, ...) in the broadest way possible.

The heart of the message is: we manage our company processes in a responsible and careful way in the interest of the company as well as the environment.